December 29, 2006

The New Year has to be better than waiting for Keith Olbermann reruns, as excitement.  Although, I must admit, waiting to see if Olbermann’s made it another day IS exciting.  I’ve not seen anyone call out our politicos with the kind of fervor and distain, as the Big O has recently.  Kudos to the MSNBC guys.  Either that, or they’ve been too busy tossing ’em down at the local establishment to listen to Countdown.  Oh, and in the land of the free and home of the brave, have you heard that diet soft drinks will not be served in a mixed drink anymore??  It seems to intensify your buzzzzzzzzz.  However, we’ll be able to pick up a tasty cut of cloned beef at our local supermarket soon, without all that nasty disclaimer stuff on a label TELLING us we’re devouring the cloned Elsie.  Those biotech firms must be shoveling lotsa bucks to somebody’s campaign funds, I’m thinkin’.

Today I saw someone named Joel Maybry (I don’t know the spelling of this guy’s name) on an early MSNBC show, telling the world how John Edwards didn’t portray a Presidential figure and how there’s nothing that makes him a standout.  Joel, honey, stay at your desk and forget the photo op.  Methinks you look a little disheaveled to be making statements about how other men look and I haven’t seen anyone else making their Presidential bid in New Orleans, shoveling dirt away, with other laborers, in a city that the federalis have no time for.  Joel seems to be just another one of those “insiders” who are so inside, their heads are firmly positioned where the sun don’t shine.  If you get my drift. 

Lastly, where’s Lori Dew?  You know, the FOX news poster girl for lip gloss.  I do believe FOX became popular because Ms. Dew’s pout was bigger than O’Reilly’s head and men like that.  Only David Asmin could get my attention on that channel, while he hosted a show.  His mistaken facts and Ted Baxter appeal added a bit of comic relief, but then David was ejected from the anchor chair.  Now some woman with eyes that seem to cross just a bit holds that seat.  I think.  At least she did a couple of months ago.  I don’t watch FOX anymore.  I can hear it all at a Tony Snow press confab.  Lip gloss might look good on Tony. 

Well, community, it’s almost time for that Olbermann Countdown re run.  However, at the bottom of the hour “30 Rock” comes on.  Sorry Keith.  Alec Baldwin wins.  He doesn’t need lip gloss.  Ta Ta for now and pleasant dreams.






Hello world!

December 26, 2006

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